- V i r t u a l..W o r l d.. D e v e l o p e r -
......w w w . s t e f a n o t s a i . c o m
.+ Credit
....- Flight Simulator Project: DeadStick Simulator, concept and real-time models for Aircrafts, Props, Terrain and Sets, Remex Software. Link
....- SONY VR Title, Project Morpheus: RIGS - Mech Design Concept ( Link )
....- London Cheil Samsung Science Museum AR, Realistic NASA Spacesuit Modelling, Texturing for Unity Engine, UNIT9.
....- London Cheil Samsung Science Museum AR, NASA ISS Modelling, Texturing for Unity Engine, UNIT9.
....- NIKE FastPack The Game, RealisticCharacters Modelling, Texturing for Unity Engine, UNIT9.
....- NIKE SuperCharge AR, High resolution realistic 3D AR content for Unity Engine,UNIT9.
....- HoloLens Games - Smurfs: The Lost Village, 3D modelling and texturing for the characters, set, props.UNIT9.
....- Published a Comic:Membrane, Web Page Link Here
....- Project_Apollo, 3D previz concept for VR realtime content,Future Visual.
....- An unannounced project, 3D content Art, NoCode studio,
....- Published a graphic novel:BPI, Web Page Link Here
....- Infinitesimals: Mech Design and realtime meshes making for Unreal engine, Cubit Studios.
....- Short Film: Nothing Safe with Director: Marc Leidy, Concept and 3D Art, Lightdog Films.
....- DTG Flight School and Simulator for Microsoft studio Dovetail,Created high resolution 3D models for realistic aircraft,Skyhood Games.
....- Train Simulation for Dovetail, 3D realistic trains in-game Art ,Skyhood Games.
....- An Architecture Interior Design Project with Film Director Bruton Jones.
....- An unannounced Neill Blomkamp film project, Concept Art, TCF Vancouver Productions.
....- Animal Crackers Movie ( 2017 ) - Product Design ( IMDB link)
....- An unannounced Game project for PlayStation4 ,Concept Art, Wish Studios,
....- An unannounced Game project,Concept and 3D content for Unreal Engine,RONIN APPLIED SCIENCES Ltd.,
....- Star Citizen - Spaceship Art and Design, Cloud Imperium Games.
....- Alien Isolation - Environment & spaceships Concept and 3D Art, SEGA, The Creative Assembly.
....- TotalWar Shogun 2- Additional Art, SEGA, The Creative Assembly.
....- TotalWar Napoleon - Environment Art, SEGA, The Creative Assembly.
....- An unannounced PlayStation3 project - Environment Art, NCsoft Europe.
....- Won a 3DTOTAL Excellence Award, Airship Station.
....- DISNEY G-Force PlayStation2 and Wii - Environment Art, Eurocom.
....- An unannounced PlayStation3 SONY project - Environment Art, Eurocom.
....- NIKE Website 3D Graphic Design, W+K ( Wieden + Kennedy ),  
....- TV Animation, Emperor, 3D Art, BlueDream studios.
....- TV Cartoon, The Astonish Factory, 3D Art, BlueDream studios.
....- TV Cartoon, Balloonastic, 3D Art, BlueDream studios.
....- Comics:Dreamland Chronicles Issue7, 3D Environment Art, BlueDream studios. BlueDream studios.
....- TV Advertisment, 3D Art, PiXABLE studios.
....- Movie Clips, 3D Art, Siam Studios.
....- Online Games Developing, 3D Art, Quest Online, Inc.
....- Magazine Illustration, Publisher RHYTHMS Monthly.
....- Sci-fi Novels Illustration, Publisher Fantasy Foundation.
....- Sci-fi Novels Illustration, Publisher Wisknow.
....- Sci-fi Novels Illustration, Publisher Owl Publishing House.
....- XBox Games Developing, 3D Art, Rava Inc.
....- Illustration, Publisher GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
....- Illustration, Publisher Gaeabooks .
....- Won A CG Talk AWARD,The Fantastic Toy.
....- RPG PC Game Open Animation Production, WINKING Entertainment Corporation.
....- Comics:Dreamland Chronicles Issue 3 ~ 6, 2D Concept and 3D Environment Art, BlueDream studios.
....- RPG PC Game:New Yi tian tu long ji, Environment Art, Lead Artist, Soft-World International Corporation.
....- RPG PC Game:The Seventh Seal, 3D Animation, Soft-World International Corporation.
.+ Gallery
..- Concept, Design, Illustration and real-time models please visit here ....| ...Digital.....|
..- Animation and Cartoon ,please visit here ....|| ... Animation ..| ..|
..- Kids Picture book for charity, please visit here to preview....|| ..Kid SuperEgg..| If you like to support us, you can find it on Kindle Here...|| .Kindle Store.|
.+ Services
.- Game / Film Concept & Design -
...With over 15 years design and production experience in games, films and entertainment Industries.
....Passion to deliver best quality concept, design and digital 3D contents for Film, Game,VR and Architecture Visualize.
.- Hard Surface Modeling -
....For Mech, Robot, Aircraft, Ship, Spaceship, Car and any cool Machines.
.- Realtime Models for VR, AR and Games-
....In-game realtime models for Unity or Unreal game Engine with PBR textures completetion.Textures are created by Substance Designer,Substance Painter, DDO, Marmoset3.
....Final delivery by sending Unity Package or Unreal Project.
.- Texturing -
....Using Substance Designer,Substance Painter, DDO, Marmoset3 and Photoshop to texture models.Final delivery by sending Unity Package,Unreal Project or other 3d format.
.- Illustration -
....Detailed illustration for magazines, advertisement or science purpose.
.+ Contact
....E-mail: stefanotsai@hotmail.com
.+ Social
.+ Press and Interview
....- Sci-fi spaceship Image was published on 3DWorld Issue105, Page12.
....- Sci-fi spaceship Image was posted on 3dTotal's Top 100 Images of 2008.
....- Making of tutorial for ''Steamsuit'' was published on INCG magazine Issue7, Page70 - 75.
....- 3DArtist International CG magazine Interviewed StefanoTsai was published on Issue57, Page110-111.
....- The Gallery of '' Factory of Enforcement Vehicles'' was published on 3DArtist magazine Issue57, Page54.
....- Making of tutorial for '' Videogame Environments ''was published on 3DArtist magazine Issue59, Page62-67.
....- StefanoTsai art was featured on Kotaku Art Gallery , Click link here.
....- Making of tutorial for ''Comic's making diary'' was published on INCG magazine Issue16, Page10 - 11.
....- Making of tutorial for ''Comic's making diary'' was published on INCG magazine Issue17, Page12 - 21.
....- 3D World International CG Magazine interviewed StefanoTsai to give some tips about how to build sci-fi robots on Issue175.
....- Making of tutorial for ''Comic's making diary'' was published on INCG magazine Issue18, Page14 - 21.
....- Engineering Magazine:Desktop Engineering used one of StefanoTsai image as an example for realistic rendering.
....- Making of tutorial for '' Tutorial of Build fantasy vehicles ''was published on 3DArtist magazine Issue71.
....- Top Render Engine Vray offical website host StefanoTsai Art ''The scout robot factory '' in its gallery.
....- ComputerSpace invited StefnoTsai to talk about Futuristic Vehicles design in Sofia.

.+ What clients said about the service



I have worked with Stefano on an Hololens project for the launch of an animated feature film which had a very fast turnaround and a high level of risk due to the many animation needed. Stefano has proved to be an amazing talent to work with. He is incredibly dedicated, fast and reliable. He brought solutions and propositions. He managed to optimise assets from the feature film and quickly adapt them to our pipeline, without compromising on quality. He is a great talent I will always lean on in the future!.............~ Tomaso Cariboni - Creative Producer, UNIT9

You have seen Stefano’s work by now, but what his incredible portfolio can’t convey is just how quick he is at creating these masterpieces. The ideas and polys flow from this guy like a running tap, and yet despite his obvious talent he is the most humble, hard-working artist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. ~ Paul Abbot - Lead Environment Artist, SEGA for Alien: Isolation„
Working with Stefano was fantastic. His work is fast and precise, a true professional. And the results... Absolutely beyond our expectations! The detail level, the rendering and design, all top notch!--\~ Mark Skelton - Art Director , Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen „
It's no wonder Stefano excels at mech design, as he's essentially a machine himself! The speed at which he pumps out mechanically sound, coherent and visually stunning designs is extraordinary. I'd highly recommend him for any 3d based design work. 00~ Thomas Jones - Principal Artist , Sony Computer Entertainment Europe„
Stefano is one of the most talented and detailed concept and 3d artists I have ever worked with. I worked with Stefano on Alien: Isolation and was always amazed by the quality he could produce and also the speed he would deliver it with. Several times I would go to his desk to see his work in progress only to see a range of near final assets that I would be happy to include in the game. I often show people Stefano’s online portfolio and examples of his work as a high bar for what 3D and concept artists should be aiming for. ~ Gary Napper - Lead Designer, SEGA, The Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation„
I have been working with Stefano for over 12 years now. In this time, Stefano has created entire worlds for the Dreamland Chronicles.We have worked together on television shows, video games, movies, and graphic novels.His talent is unmatched.His creative vision is mind-blowing.His humility is inspiring.When producing my first animated feature film.Stefano was the first person I contacted to help me bring the world to life.His professionalism and seemingly limitless abilities are a boon to any project or company.His friendship is priceless.If you are in any way considering a project with Stefano on board... you can do no better in this world... or any other.He is a true artist. An amazing talent. And I am proud to call him my friend............~ Scott Christian Save - Films Writer,Producer, Director and Founder of Bluedream Studios„
While serving as Art Outsource Manager for Cloud Imperium Games on the Star Citizen project, I had the pleasure of working with Stefano; in addition to being amazingly talented and meticulous, I also found him to be one of the nicest people I've ever worked with. He was always lightning-fast to communicate, and receiving his artwork was always cause for all the team artists to gather around my monitor, ooh'ing and aah'ing. He would be an incredibly valuable asset on any project utilizing him! ~ Sean Murphy - Art Outsource Manager ( 2013 - 2014 ), Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen„



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